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With an average professional career of 7.5 years, our developers need minimal management.

Total Blockchain Specific Skills

From Solidity, Solana and Web3.js to NFTs and DeFi, our network has all of your blockchain needs covered.

Sundeep Charan Ramkumar
Blockchain / Back End Developer
Location: India 🇮🇳
Top Skills:
Solana Smart Contracts • DeFi • NFTs • Back End Development
Singing • Traveling • Solving LEGO Puzzles
Kei Nakano
Blockchain / Full Stack Developer
Location: Japan 🇯🇵
Top Skills:
Solidity • Smart Contracts • Hardhat Truffle • Ethers.js • Web3.js • DeFi • DEX • JavaScript
Football • Table Tennis • Reading
Roger Nowakowski Jr
Blockchain Developer
Location: United States 🇺🇸
Top Skills:
Solidity • ERC-20/721 • Web3.js • Core Blockchain • Candy Machine • Hardhat/Truffle • IPFS
Traveling • Trying New Food • Beach Time

How did we find this curated network?

By focusing on excellent reputations, strong technical abilities and a hunger to learn, we have uncovered a network of developers that go above and beyond to build your project.

Reputation Vetting

We collect and verify professional work references for everyone in our network.

Skill Vetting

Each applicant receives challenges on their top skills to ensure their skill level is accurate.

Identity Vetting

Every talent network applicant must show proof of identity to one of our Freeflow team members.

Hidden Gems

Excellent people are all over the world, but sometimes people aren’t given a chance because of where they are from or what they sound like. We allow everyone to shine.

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What we offer you

It is known that Freeflow will provide you with great developers but how else are we benefitting you?


Connect with qualified candidates in minutes and scale your team up or down whenever.


Rates that you can afford and developers are happy with.


People with a track record of delivering on requirements.


Don’t get bombarded by unqualified applicants, we’ll show you your perfect match.

Deal Protection

Use our free escrow service and have contracts created for each deal.


We keep track of your hiring patterns to make it even smoother in the future.

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Hear from others

We worked with Freeflow for a while now and have been very happy with the high standard of freelance developers and professional team behind it all. The process goes by really smoothly with constant support and advice from their team. They demonstrated great patience with us which we were being highly selective. We would definitely recommend them for any projects looking for quality, hand-selected and professional freelancers.

Azure | Seeded
GHOSPERS is a unique video game built on the blockchain and Unreal Engine and being developed by Ghost-Ivy Studio. We were able to immediately find and hire the right developer for our project through Freeflow, and the escrow service they provide will guarantee you to get the results you want.

Mo Basem | Ghost-Ivy Studio
It has been extremely difficult to find talent in the music web3 space that can work within timelines and communicate a clear scope. Freeflow removed all the guess work and kyc process and paired me with a developer perfect for my needs!

A-Sho | Sadboy Records
I was set up with a dev named Umesh. He did phenomenal! Honestly went above and beyond! I highly recommend Freeflow!

Hamilton | NFT Project

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Are you a blockchain developer? Join Our Talent Network